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Motor Vehicle Accident attorney Cleveland

Texting and cell phone usage cause car accident injuries to a great extent in modern society. Few activities are more dangerous than utilizing a cell phone while driving a motor vehicle, and distracted driving has become a leading cause of traffic accidents in our country. Many studies have concluded that drivers are 23 times more likely to cause an accident while sending and receiving text messages.

“Driving While Texting” is now a Primary Offense under 18

To combat this growing problem, “driving while texting” is now a primary offense for all drivers under the age of 18 in Ohio, meaning that police officers do not need a separate offense or reason to pull you over and issue you a ticket for texting. Further, it is also now illegal in Ohio for drivers under age 18 to use a cell phone for any reason even if the car is sitting at a light or stuck in traffic.

Distracted Drivers Need to be Held Responsible

Distracted drivers cause accidents every day which seriously injure innocent people, and these victims need to be compensated fairly. When we are retained to represent a victim of distracted driving, we immediately try to document all aspects of liability. We have our investigators obtain witness statements and gather as much relevant information as possible to reveal exactly what happened. We also obtain cell phone records to prove that the cell phone was being used at the time of the accident. Even if the use of a cell phone was not illegal at any given time, the documentation of this can still be highly effective in proving negligence. We then provide all of this evidence to an accident reconstructionist, who will give his expert opinion as to how the cell phone usage caused or contributed to the accident in which you were injured. Building a well-documented case is critical to obtaining fair compensation in a distracted driving case.

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