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Dog Bite Scarring

Each dog bite is unique and it can be tricky to determine what kind of scar will form from the injury. Many factors play a role in scarring including what area of the body was involved and the depth and severity of the bite. Dog Bites usually result in irregularly shaped wounds and are not clean cuts making the healing process much longer.

Regardless of the severity of the dog bite, it is crucial to prevent infection to minimize potential scarring. Inflammation from an infection will lead to delayed healing and a more prominent scar. In some cases keeping the wound clean and covered will suffice, however in more serious cases antibiotics may be needed to prevent infection.

Start using a scar treatment product on the affected area once the wound heals. Use a scar treatments that contain silicone. Silicone has been proven to help fade scarred tissue. Stay away from products that contain harsh chemicals and lean towards products with natural ingredients. Vitamin C, licorice, and aloe vera are good ingredients to look for.

Try to keep the area out of the sun. If sun exposure is unavoidable, make sure to apply a strong sunscreen or keep the scar covered. The sun’s UV rays can cause darkening and discoloration in the area.

Other beneficial treatments include massaging the scar, exercising, and practicing a healthy diet.

Surgery and scar revision may be required if your scar is severe. This is often necessary when the dog bite is on the face. Multiple surgeries may need to be performed, but after time the scar should be much less noticeable.

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