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The consequences of misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis can oftentimes be fatal. Our firm specializes in the misdiagnosis of cancer, brain tumors, diabetes, heart problems, and other conditions. In various stages of illnesses, different symptoms will be present. Sometimes doctors don’t consider all the possible alternatives before jumping to a conclusion as to what the ailment is.

This may impede the correct diagnosis, and the longer a diagnosis is delayed, the more likely the ailment will progress to an unmanageable level. By the time the disorder is uncovered, the patient has suffered serious complications or even death. Time is of the essence in diagnosing an illness–precious time that you or your loved one can never get back. We represent individuals and family members who have been subjected to medical misdiagnosis that caused harm or death to a loved one.

Negligent Cancer Misdiagnosis may Include:

  • Failure to review family medical history when considering symptoms
  • Failure to routinely check at-risk patients
  • Failure to order the appropriate tests
  • Failure to review the test data
  • Failure to refer to a specialist when necessary
  • Incorrect reading of specimen testing
  • Misidentifying a tumor as non-cancerous
  • Incorrect handling or labeling of biopsy specimen
  • Incorrectly classifying a cancerous tumor

It is Imperative to Uncover All of the Facts

Our law firm reviews medical records, consults with medical experts, and works to prove that the ailment should have been detected and treated sooner, possibly saving a life. We dig deep into our cases to uncover the facts and find evidence of negligence. Whether your misdiagnosis was cancer or another serious illness, we will fight for your rights. The doctors at fault need to be held accountable for their malpractice.

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