Negligent Child Supervision

Paulozzi LPA Injury Lawyers is a top rated injury firm that has represented negligent child supervision victims for over 25 years. Every day in the United States, children are injured in a variety of accidents caused by negligence that often result in severe injuries. Many of these child injuries could have been avoided if a responsible adult was properly supervising these children or if other safety measures had been taken.

Any person or entity that knowingly accepts the responsibility for your child has a “duty of care” to both you and the child to ensure his or her safety while the child is in their care. This may be a babysitter, other children’s parents, the daycare center, a school, among other individuals or facilities. If the caretaker’s breach of that duty leads to your child’s injury, you may be able to pursue compensation for whatever damages that result, including pain and suffering, disability, present and future medical bills, and other damages. Even if your child’s actions contributed to his or her injuries, he or she may have been too young at the time of the incident to reasonably be held responsible for his or her conduct.

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