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Strict laws and regulations protect the safety and welfare of nursing home residents, however appropriate care and attention is still sometimes not provided. Nursing homes are often run at full capacity with residents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other mental and physical ailments that need proper supervision. A lack of funding has prompted some nursing homes in Ohio to overwork their staff and even hire unqualified staff members. This means some residents are inevitably going to suffer neglect and injury as a result.

Types of Claims

Patients and their families can file civil claims seeking monetary compensation for the injuries suffered due to nursing home neglect and abuse. In situations in which a patient dies due to the negligence of the facility, the family can file a Wrongful Death Claim for the loss of their loved one. Medical malpractice claims can also be filed as well in certain circumstances.

Statute of Limitations

In Ohio, the statute of limitations for nursing home abuse lawsuits varies dependent upon the type of claim that is being made. General negligence and wrongful death lawsuits carry a two year statute of limitations, though medical malpractice claims carry a one year statute. Statute of limitations also vary from state to state. It is a serious problem if you miss a statute deadline because your claim will be denied. To avoid this from happening, you should contact an attorney immediately after suspected abuse. An investigation can then be conducted, evidence will collected and preserved, and a review of the entire medical history and chart can be completed.

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