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Paulozzi LPA Injury Lawyers is a top rated injury firm that has represented slip and fall victims for over 25 years. People who fall due the negligence of someone else are entitled to compensation. We are committed to pursuing justice for these victims of negligence who often suffer significant injuries as a result of their fall. We have the knowledge, experience and persistence to hold responsible parties accountable for all related injuries that could have been prevented through due care.

Who is Responsible if You Fall?

You are walking in a supermarket or restaurant and the floor beneath you is wet, and you slip and fall to the floor. You are hurt physically and emotionally embarrassed. Are you legally entitled to compensation? The owners of the premise are responsible for keeping their property safe and maintaining a hazardous free environment. They may have neglected this responsibility and you suffered injury as a result. Now you or a loved one faces the prospect of expensive medical care possibly including recurring treatments and rehabilitation. Do not let the responsible property owner who is negligent avoid compensating you for your injuries and your suffering.

Slip & Fall Injuries Happen Numerous Ways

  • Falls from porches or balconies due to poor structure or lack of maintenance
  • Slip and fall on a wet floor in businesses
  • Trip and fall on broken concrete stairs or ramp
  • Trip and fall due to a faulty escalator or elevator
  • Injuries from falling merchandise in stores
  • Injury at an amusement park or sporting event
  • Slip and fall from “unnatural” accumulation of snow, water, or ice

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